Are Guys On Tinder Looking For Relationships

are guys on tinder looking for relationships

**Expert Insights: Are Guys on Tinder Looking for Relationships?**

Demographic Purpose of Use (Percentage)
Younger Men (18-24 years old) 47% (casual dating) vs. 23% (looking for relationships)
Older Men (25-34 years old) 35% (casual dating) vs. 32% (looking for relationships)
Men with Higher Education 42% (looking for relationships) vs. 31% (casual dating)
Men with Lower Income 40% (casual dating) vs. 21% (looking for relationships)

According to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, young men on Tinder are more likely to be looking for casual hookups than older men. However, as men age and gain higher education levels, their motivations shift towards seeking meaningful connections.

Source: [University of Wisconsin-Madison Study](

**Additional Insights:**

* A survey conducted by the dating app Hinge found that 71% of male users aged 18-34 are looking for relationships on the platform. [Hinge Survey](
* A study published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication discovered that Tinder’s algorithm can influence users’ expectations and behaviors, with some men using the app to seek casual encounters while others aim to form meaningful connections. [Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Study](

**Expert Takeaway:**

While a significant portion of guys on Tinder may be looking for casual dating or hookups, it’s essential to remember that individual motivations and preferences can vary greatly. By acknowledging the nuances of online dating and being open-minded, users can increase their chances of finding meaningful connections.

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