Banned By Tinder

banned by tinder

Reason Description Link to Authority Resource
Nudity Tinder’s community guidelines prohibit explicit or suggestive content, including nudity. Tinder Community Guidelines
Scams and Fraud Tinder bans profiles that engage in scams, fraud, or other illegal activities. FTC Takes Action Against Fake Online Dating Profiles
Racism and Discrimination Tinder’s policies prohibit discriminatory language, including racial slurs, hate speech, or other forms of discrimination. Australian Anti-Discrimination Law
Harassment and Threats Tinder bans profiles that engage in harassment, threats, or other forms of abuse. What is Bullying?
Violence and Gore Tinder prohibits explicit or graphic content that depicts violence, gore, or other forms of harm. IMDB Content Rules
Underage Content Tinder strictly prohibits content that depicts or promotes the exploitation of minors. Protecting Children Online
Infringement and Copyright Violations Tinder bans profiles that engage in copyright infringement or violate intellectual property rights. Related Topics

Note: The above table is a summary of the reasons why Tinder might ban an account, along with links to authoritative resources that provide further information on each topic.

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