Best cities for dating as a man

Rank City Score
1 San Francisco, CA 8.5
2 New York, NY 8.3
3 Los Angeles, CA 8.1
4 Chicago, IL 8.0
5 Seattle, WA 7.9
6 Washington, DC 7.8
7 Austin, TX 7.7
8 Denver, CO 7.6
9 Portland, OR 7.5
10 San Diego, CA 7.4
City Dating Scene Cost of Living
San Francisco, CA Vibrant and diverse dating scene with plenty of opportunities to meet new people. High
New York, NY Endless possibilities for meeting potential partners, but competition can be fierce. Very high
Los Angeles, CA Laid-back and social atmosphere with a large pool of singles. High
Chicago, IL Friendly and welcoming city with a strong dating culture. Moderate
Seattle, WA Progressive and outdoorsy city with a good balance of singles and couples. High
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