Best First Message In Tinder

best first message in tinder

Tip Description Source
Start with a question Say something that sparks curiosity and encourages the other person to respond. Happify
Keep it light Avoid being too serious or heavy in your first message. You want to be approachable and friendly. Elite Daily
Reference the bio If you notice something interesting or unique in their profile, use that as a conversation starter. Tinder Tips
Keep it short and sweet Aim for a message that’s 1-2 sentences long. Any longer and you risk overwhelming the other person. Brides
Be authentic Your first message should reflect your personality and tone. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Psychology Today
Avoid clichés and generic messages Steer clear of messages that start with “Hey, how’s it going?” or similar phrases. You want to stand out. Men’s Health
Use humor (carefully) A well-timed joke can be a great way to break the ice, but make sure you’re not coming across as try-hard or insensitive. Refinery29
Be respectful and considerate Your first message should be friendly and courteous, but avoid being too pushy or aggressive. HuffPost

According to various expert sources, some of the most effective tips for crafting a great “best first message in Tinder” include:

* Starting with a question that sparks curiosity and encourages the other person to respond
* Keeping it light and friendly
* Referencing something interesting or unique in their profile
* Keeping it short and sweet (1-2 sentences)
* Being authentic and reflective of your personality and tone
* Avoiding clichés and generic messages
* Using humor carefully, if at all
* Being respectful and considerate

Remember to keep your message concise, friendly, and engaging. Good luck!

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