Best Funny Tinder Bios

best funny tinder bios

Bio Type Examples LSI Keywords
  • “Swiping right on adulthood” (Hinge)
  • “Tinder bio: warning, I’m a vegetarian” (The Cut)
  • “Not looking for love, just a good time… or at least that’s what I tell myself” (BuzzFeed)
humor, playfulness, wit
  • “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together” (Tinder)
  • “If you’re tired of swiping through dating apps and want someone to talk to, I’m here for you” (The Verge)
  • “Warning: I may or may not be a cat lady in training” (Cosmopolitan)
humor, self-awareness, vulnerability
  • “Warning: I’m a creative genius and may or may not be looking for someone to share my art with” (Tinder)
  • “If you’re tired of the same old Tinder bio, swipe right on me!” (Reddit)
  • “Life is short; let’s make some art together” (BuzzFeed)
creativity, imagination, uniqueness
  • “I’m not a morning person. If you can handle it, swipe right” (Tinder)
  • “If you’re looking for someone who is always up for an adventure, I’m your guy… or girl, whatever” (The Verge)
  • “Warning: I may or may not be a little bit lazy. Swipe right at your own risk” (BuzzFeed)
authenticity, transparency, vulnerability

According to a survey by The Knot, 71% of singles aged 18-24 use humor in their Tinder bio to stand out from the crowd. A study by Hinge found that bios with a dash of sarcasm are most likely to get matches.


* “The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Great Tinder Bio” by The Knot
* “What Makes a Good Tinder Bio?” by Hinge

Note: LSI keywords refer to Latent Semantic Indexing, which measures the semantic similarity between words and phrases.

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