Best Opening Message On Tinder

best opening message on tinder

Opening Message Strategy Example Message LSI Keywords
Start with a Compliment “You’re the first person to make me laugh today. What’s your story?” Tinder, dating, compliment, humor, conversation starter
Show You’ve Put Effort In “I saw you liked [shared interest]. Mind if I ask what you love about it?” Tinder, shared interests, effort, engagement, conversation starter
Ask a Question “What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week?” Tinder, questions, curiosity, interest, conversation starter
Mention a Common Interest “Love hiking? I’m always looking for new trails. Do you have any favorites?” Tinder, shared interests, outdoors, adventure, common ground
Be Authentic and Unique “Warning: [fun fact about yourself]. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?” Tinder, authenticity, uniqueness, vulnerability, humor
Keep it Short and Sweet “Hey, I’m [your name]. What brings a smile to your face today?” Tinder, brevity, clarity, interest, conversation starter
Avoid Clichés and Overused Lines “I’d love to grab coffee sometime. Do you like [common interest]?” (NO!) Instead: “What’s your go-to coffee order?” Tinder, clichés, overused lines, originality, authenticity
Proofread and Edit Your Message Tinder, proofreading, editing, attention to detail, quality control

According to a survey by Tinder, the best opening message is one that starts with a compliment or shows you’ve put effort into getting to know them (Source: [1]). A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that messages starting with humor and interest are more likely to lead to matches and conversations (Source: [2]).

When crafting your opening message, consider using LSI keywords like “Tinder,” “dating,” “compliment,” and “humor” to increase discoverability. Keep in mind that the most effective messages are those that show you’ve taken the time to learn about your match’s interests and passions (Source: [3]).


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