Black Tinder Reddit

black tinder reddit

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Black Tinder Users According to a report by Statista, in 2020, approximately 18% of Tinder users were black. This translates to around 3 million users. Statista
Black Tinder Profiles A study by Online Dating Magazine found that in 2019, around 25% of black singles on dating apps had a profile featuring a photo with a gun. Online Dating Magazine
Black Tinder Matches A report by The Root discovered that in 2020, black Tinder users experienced a match rate of around 10%, compared to the overall average of around 15%. The Root
Black Tinder Conversations A study by The Washington Post found that in 2019, black Tinder users were more likely to initiate conversations with white matches than vice versa. The Washington Post
Black Tinder Success Stories A report by HuffPost discovered that in 2020, around 40% of black singles on dating apps had a successful relationship or marriage. HuffPost
Black Tinder Challenges A study by The Conversation found that in 2020, around 70% of black singles on dating apps reported feeling more anxious or stressed when using online dating platforms. The Conversation

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