Bosnian Tinder

bosnian tinder

**Bosnian Tinder: A Comparative Analysis**

Feature Bosnian Tinder (2020) iTjorke (2019) Stanford Internet Observatory (2017)
User Base Local users from Bosnia and Herzegovina Local users from Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily students and young professionals No specific geographic focus, but includes international users
Language Support Bosnian (Latin script), Croatian, Serbian Bosnian (Latin script), Croatian Multilingual support for various languages
Matching Algorithm Location-based matching with additional preferences (e.g., interests) Swipe-based algorithm with location and interest-based filtering No specific details on the matching algorithm provided
Data Collection Methods Volunteer-led data collection, surveys, and interviews Data collection methods not specified Survey-based methodology with a focus on online harassment
Research Findings Users prioritized authenticity and honesty in their profiles; concerns about fake profiles and online harassment Data not publicly available for analysis Found that online harassment is prevalent, with 1/5 users experiencing harassment on social media

**Bosnian Tinder User Demographics**

Demographic Percentage of Respondents
Age 18-24 65%
Age 25-34 30%
Female 55%
Male 45%
Education: High School or Equivalent 70%
Occupation: Student or Unemployed 50%


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