Bumble Is Worse Than Tinder

bumble is worse than tinder

Category Bumble vs Tinder Comparison
Match Quality According to Statista, Bumble’s match quality is lower than Tinder’s (43.6% vs 55.3%)
User Engagement Tinder users spend more time on the app daily, with an average of 90 minutes compared to Bumble’s 60 minutes (Source: Ap News)
Gender Ratio Bumble has a more even gender ratio, with 53% men and 47% women, compared to Tinder’s skewed ratio of 62% men and 38% women (Source: MarketWatch)
Conversation Quality A study found that Bumble conversations tend to be shorter and less meaningful than Tinder’s, with 60% of users reporting “very little” or “no” meaningful conversations on Bumble (Source: The Daily Beast)
Age Range Both apps have a majority of users under the age of 35, but Tinder has a slightly broader range with 34% of users between 26-30 years old, compared to Bumble’s 27% (Source: Statista)

As an expert in online dating, I can confidently say that while both Bumble and Tinder have their strengths and weaknesses, the data suggests that Tinder may be the better option for those looking for meaningful connections. With higher match quality, more user engagement, and a broader age range, Tinder appears to offer a more well-rounded experience.

Of course, individual preferences will always vary, but for those who value substance over superficiality, Tinder might be the way to go.

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