Como Cambiar Mi Nombre En Tinder

como cambiar mi nombre en tinder

Step Description Authority Link
1. Log in to your Tinder account Open the app and enter your login credentials. Tinder Help Center: Login Issues
2. Tap on your profile picture Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and tap on your profile icon. Tinder Profile Guide
3. Tap on “Edit Profile” This will take you to the edit profile section, where you can update your name. Tinder Blog: Editing Your Profile
4. Tap on “Name” This will allow you to update your name. NameChk Blog: Changing Your Name on Tinder
5. Enter your new name Type in the new name you’d like to use. Tinder Privacy Policy
6. Tap “Save” Your changes will be saved, and your new name will appear on your Tinder profile. Tinder Terms of Use

**Additional Tips:**

* Make sure to update any other social media profiles or online platforms where you use the same name.
* Consider updating your profile picture and bio as well, to reflect your new name and identity.
* If you’re changing your name due to a change in marital status (e.g., divorce), it’s a good idea to also update your Facebook and other social media profiles.


* Tinder Help Center:
* Tinder Profile Guide:
* Tinder Blog:
* NameChk Blog:

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