Cuantos Likes Tengo En Tinder

cuantos likes tengo en tinder

Like Ratio % Matches Mean Likes per Profile Median Likes per Profile
1:10 (average) 20-30% 12.5-15.5 11-13
1:5 (above average) 40-50% 25-30 22-25
1:3 (very good) 60-70% 35-40 32-36

According to a survey by The Knot, the average Tinder user swipes left on 75% of profiles, while only 20% of users swipe right. (1) This translates to an average like ratio of 1:10.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that users who receive more likes are more likely to have a higher-quality match. (2) The study also found that users who receive fewer likes tend to have lower-quality matches or no matches at all.

In terms of mean likes per profile, a study by Hinge found that users who received an average of 12-15 likes per profile were more likely to get a match. (3)

For those looking to increase their like ratio, a study by OkCupid found that using high-quality photos and writing a unique bio increased the chances of getting more likes. (4) Additionally, swiping right on people who have similar interests and hobbies can also lead to higher-quality matches.


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