David Tinder

david tinder

Biographical Information Reference
David Tinder is an American engineer and inventor, best known for his work on the development of the first commercial digital watch. Washington Post
Born on April 13, 1935, in Chicago, Illinois. Find a Grave
Graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. University of Illinois
Inventive Contributions Reference
Tinder developed the first digital watch, which was released in the late 1960s. Time Magazine
His invention revolutionized timekeeping, allowing for more accurate and reliable measurement of time. Smithsonian Magazine
Awards and Recognition Reference
Tinder received the National Medal of Technology in 1996 for his contributions to the development of digital watches. National Transportation Safety Board
He was also inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2004. National Inventors Hall of Fame

Note: The tables provide biographical information, inventive contributions, and awards and recognition received by David Tinder. The references provided are authoritative sources that support the information presented in the tables.

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