Dbd dating sim wraith

Feature Description
Name The Wraith
Appearance A tall, slender man with a pale complexion and long, black hair. He wears a black leather trench coat and a fedora.
Personality A quiet and mysterious man who is haunted by his past. He is looking for someone to help him find peace.
Backstory The Wraith was once a man named Philip Ojomo. He was a successful businessman who was murdered by his wife and her lover. He was resurrected as a ghost and now seeks revenge on those who killed him.
Abilities The Wraith is a stealth killer who can turn invisible and move faster than other killers. He can also teleport to different locations.
Perks – **Bloodhound**: The Wraith can see the auras of injured Survivors within a certain range.

– **Predator**: The Wraith can move faster while cloaked.

– **Shadowborn**: The Wraith’s field of view is increased while cloaked.

**Authoritative Resources**

* [Dead by Daylight Wiki](https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/The_Wraith)

* [DbD Dating Sim: The Wraith](https://www.dbd-dating-sim.com/characters/the-wraith)

* [The Wraith – Dead by Daylight](https://deadbydaylight.com/en/game/killer/wraith)

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