Demisux dating

Signs You May Be Demisexual
# Signs
1 You only feel sexually attracted to people you have a strong emotional connection with.
2 You don’t experience sexual attraction very often.
3 You may not be interested in casual sex.
4 You may be more interested in romantic relationships than sexual relationships.

Tips for Dating as a Demisexual
# Tips
1 Be honest with potential partners about your demisexuality.
2 Look for partners who are understanding and supportive of your needs.
3 Don’t be afraid to take things slow.
4 Focus on building a strong emotional connection before engaging in sexual activity.
5 Communicate your needs and boundaries to your partner.

Resources for Demisexuals
# Resource Link
1 The Demisexual Resource Center
2 The AVEN Demisexuality Page
3 Demisexuality: A Guide to Understanding Demisexuality
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