Does Tinder Use My Phone Number

does tinder use my phone number

Question Answer Source
Does Tinder use my phone number? No, Tinder does not require your phone number to sign up or use the app. Tinder’s Privacy Policy
Can I link my phone number to my Tinder account? Yes, you can link your phone number to your Tinder account for added security and verification purposes. Tinder’s Support Page
Why does Tinder require phone verification? Tinder requires phone verification to ensure the authenticity of user profiles and prevent fake or fraudulent accounts. Fast Company Article
Is my phone number safe on Tinder? Tinder stores your phone number securely and does not share it with third-party advertisers or other parties without your consent. PC World Article
How do I verify my phone number on Tinder? You can verify your phone number by entering the verification code sent to you via SMS or voice call. Tinder’s Support Page
What happens if I don’t verify my phone number on Tinder? You can still use Tinder without verifying your phone number, but you may be restricted from using certain features or accessing your profile. CNET Article

Note: The sources listed are authoritative and reputable, including Tinder’s official privacy policy, support page, and news articles from well-known publications.

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