Dog dating profile template

Dog Dating Profile Template
Section Tips Example
Name and age Use your dog’s full name and age. “Buddy, 3 years old”
Breed and size Indicate your dog’s breed and size. “Golden Retriever, medium-sized”
Personality Describe your dog’s personality traits. “Friendly, playful and affectionate”
Likes and dislikes List your dog’s favorite activities and pet peeves. “Loves walks, playing fetch and cuddling. Dislikes loud noises and strangers.
Ideal match Describe your dog’s ideal match in terms of personality, energy level and lifestyle. “Looking for a playful and affectionate companion who enjoys outdoor activities and cuddles.”
Photo Include a clear and flattering photo of your dog. [Image of your dog]
Call to action Encourage potential matches to contact you. “If you think your dog would be a great match for Buddy, please reach out!”

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