Fastest Tinder Hookup Reddit

fastest tinder hookup reddit

Statistic Value Source
Average time spent on Tinder 8-10 minutes per day Tinder’s Official Blog
% of users looking for casual relationships 42% HuffPost Article
% of users looking for serious relationships 58% HuffPost Article
Median number of matches before getting a date 10-15 matches Recode Article
Timeframe for getting a date after matching 3-5 days Recode Article
% of users who use Tinder for dating purposes only 55% CNET Article
% of users who use Tinder for hookups only 15% CNET Article
Average number of dates before a relationship forms 2-3 dates Psychology Today Article

Note: The statistics provided are based on various studies and articles from reputable sources. While the exact figures may vary, these numbers give a general idea of the trends and habits surrounding Tinder usage.

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