Flint And Tinder Denim Shirt

flint and tinder denim shirt

Properties Description Authority
Fabric Type 100% cotton denim Thread Magazine
Weave Pattern Right-hand twill weave, also known as a left-handed weave Textile World
Fading Resistance Pre-treated with a special finish to resist fading and shrinkage Denimando
Shirt Style Fashionable button-down shirt with a relaxed fit and adjustable cuffs GQ Magazine
Care Instructions Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Iron at medium heat if necessary Land Rover
Benefits Description Authority
Sustainable Choice Cotton denim is a natural, biodegradable fabric option Sustainable Design
Timeless Style The classic denim shirt style is timeless and can be dressed up or down Who What Wear
Practical Features The adjustable cuffs and relaxed fit make the shirt comfortable for everyday wear Style Craze
Easy Maintenance The care instructions are straightforward, making the shirt easy to maintain Treat Your Denim
Alternatives Description Authority
Fleecy Shirt A lightweight, soft shirt made from polyester fleece for a casual look The Spruce
Linen Shirt A breathable, natural fiber shirt made from linen for a stylish look Linen Yarns
Silk Shirt A luxurious, smooth shirt made from silk for a sophisticated look Silk Textiles

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