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Feature Description GitHub Link
Swipe Logic A module that handles the swipe functionality, allowing users to like or dislike potential matches. View Code
Match Algorithm A complex algorithm that determines compatibility between users based on their preferences and interests. View Code
User Profiles A module that handles user profiles, including their photos, bio, and interests. View Code
Chat Functionality A module that enables users to chat with their matches, allowing for seamless conversation. View Code
Database Integration A module that integrates with a database to store and retrieve user data, including profiles and matches. View Code
UI/UX Design A module that handles the user interface and user experience, including layout, colors, and typography. View Code
Technologies Used Description
Dart The primary programming language used for the app, providing a concise and expressive way to write code.
Flutter A popular open-source mobile app development framework that allows for fast and efficient development of cross-platform apps.
SQFLite A lightweight, easy-to-use SQLite database library for Flutter that provides a simple way to store and retrieve data.
Code Organization Description
lib/models A directory containing various models, such as swipe logic, match algorithm, and user profiles, which encapsulate the app’s business logic.
lib/ui A directory containing UI-related code, including widgets, layouts, and themes, which define the app’s visual appearance.
lib/services A directory containing service-related code, such as database integration and chat functionality, which provide the app’s core functionality.

Note: The GitHub links provided are for reference purposes only and may not be up-to-date or accurate. Always verify the code before using it in your own project.

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