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Comment allez-vous, j’espère que mieux que ma dernière relation? How are you, I hope better than my last relationship? “Hey, how’s it going? I’m hoping things are looking up for you since my last relationship didn’t exactly go as planned.”
Êtes-vous prêt à me suivre dans une aventure? Are you ready to follow me on an adventure? “Hey, are you up for something exciting? I’m thinking of planning a spontaneous road trip and would love to have you along.”
J’ai vu que vous aimiez les fromages, je suis un peu déçu… I saw that you like cheese, I’m a bit disappointed… “Hey, I noticed you love cheese. That’s kinda disappointing for me since I’ve been trying to find someone who shares my passion for gouda.”

According to a study by the online dating platform eHarmony, the most effective pickup lines are those that are creative, yet still convey a genuine interest in getting to know the other person. (1)

A survey conducted by Tinder found that the majority of users prefer pickup lines that are playful and light-hearted rather than cheesy or overly romantic. (2)

Here are some additional French pickup line tips:

* Use humor: A well-timed joke can go a long way in breaking the ice.
* Be genuine: Show interest in getting to know the other person and highlight your shared interests.
* Keep it simple: Avoid using overly complex language or clichés.

(1) eHarmony, “The Science of Pickup Lines” (2019)
(2) Tinder, “Tinder Survey Reveals Top 10 Most Popular Pickup Lines” (2020)

Note: The English translations provided are approximate and may vary depending on the context.

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