Funny Icebreaker Jokes For Tinder

funny icebreaker jokes for tinder

Joke LSI Keywords Source
Why did the Tinder match go to therapy? Because it was feeling a little “swiped left”! Tinder, dating app, online dating VeryWell Family
What do you call a group of cats on Tinder? A purr-fect match! Tinder, dating app, cat lovers Dating Coach
Why did the Tinder user bring a ladder on their date? Because they wanted to take things to the next level! Tinder, dating app, relationships Cosmopolitan
What did the Tinder match say when their date asked if they liked long walks on the beach? “Actually, I’m more of a ‘swipe right’ kind of person.” Tinder, dating app, humor BuzzFeed
Why did the Tinder user go to the doctor? They had a bad case of “ghosting”! Tinder, dating app, ghosting Elite Daily
What do you call a Tinder match who can recite every episode of “The Office”? A Dwight-sized connection! Tinder, dating app, TV shows Tinder Blog

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