Good Things To Talk About On Tinder

good things to talk about on tinder

Topic Why it’s relevant Tips and examples
Hobbies and interests This shows you’re a well-rounded person with unique passions, which can help you stand out from others. Ask someone about their favorite book or TV show, share your own experiences doing something outdoorsy, or mention a new skill you’re trying to learn. For example: “What’s the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon? I love hiking and trying out new recipes.”
Travel experiences This can help create common ground and give insights into someone’s adventurous side. Share stories about places you’ve been, ask about their favorite travel destinations, or mention a bucket list trip. For example: “Just got back from an amazing trip to Japan! What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?”
Cultural and social causes This shows you’re empathetic and care about the world around you, which can attract like-minded people. Mention a recent article or event that sparked your interest, ask someone what they think about a particular issue, or share your own volunteer experiences. For example: “Just read an article about the importance of mental health awareness. What do you think is being done effectively to address this issue?”
Personal growth and self-improvement This shows you’re proactive and committed to personal development, which can be attractive to others. Share your goals or challenges, ask someone what they’re working on, or mention a new skill you’re trying to learn. For example: “I’ve been trying to improve my public speaking skills lately. What are some tips you’d give someone trying to get better at this?”
Funny stories and anecdotes This can help break the ice and create a lighthearted atmosphere. Share a funny experience or ask someone about their best/worst date story. For example: “Just had a hilarious encounter with a mischievous squirrel at the park. What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened to you recently?”
Social media and pop culture This can help create common ground and spark interesting conversations. Mention a recent TV show or movie, ask someone what they think about a particular celebrity, or share your favorite social media platform. For example: “Just binge-watched the latest season of [show]. What’s your go-to streaming service?”
Food and drink preferences This can help create common ground and lead to fun conversations. Mention a favorite cuisine or restaurant, ask someone about their favorite cooking technique, or share your go-to coffee order. For example: “Just tried out this amazing new brunch spot. What’s your favorite breakfast food?”

According to a study by Hinge, conversations that start with topics like hobbies and interests are more likely to lead to matches (Hinge, n.d.). Additionally, a survey by Tinder found that users who initiate conversations about travel experiences or personal growth have higher response rates (Tinder, n.d.).


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