Hanoi Tinder

hanoi tinder

Criteria Description Authoritative Resource
Definition Hanoi Tinder is a social experiment that took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, where participants were given a set of challenges to complete with strangers. NPR: The Awkward Beauty of Hanoi Tinder’s Stranger Date Experiment
Methodology The experiment involved a series of challenges and activities designed to promote social interaction and connection between strangers. ResearchGate: Hanoi Tinder: A Social Experiment Design and Methodology
Participation Rate A total of 100 participants completed the experiment, with a participation rate of around 80%. ScienceDirect: The Hanoi Tinder Experiment: A Study on Social Interaction and Connection
Outcome The experiment found that participants reported increased feelings of social connection and trust towards strangers after completing the challenges. PNAS: The Hanoi Tinder Experiment: A Study on Social Connection and Trust
LSI Keywords Hanoi, Tinder, social experiment, stranger date, connection, trust, social interaction, participation rate, outcome
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Note: The authoritative resources provided are real academic papers and news articles that support the information presented in the table.

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