He is dating someone else but still contacts me

Reason He Is Contacting You How to Respond External Resource
He misses you Be polite but firm. Let him know that you’re not interested in a relationship and that you need space. Healthline: He Has a Girlfriend but Still Texts Me
He’s not over you Be clear and direct. Tell him that you’re not interested in getting back together and that you need him to move on. Cosmopolitan: Why Is My Ex-Boyfriend Texting Me?
He’s bored Ignore his messages. If he’s persistent, block him on social media and your phone. Glamour: Why He Texts You Even Though He’s in a Relationship
He’s trying to keep you as a backup option Be assertive. Tell him that you’re not interested in being his backup plan and that he needs to stop contacting you. Bustle: Why Does My Ex Keep Texting Me If He’s in a Relationship? 9 Reasons He’s Not Over You
He’s trying to manipulate you Don’t respond to his messages. If he continues to contact you, report him to the authorities. Psychology Today: The Manipulative Ex
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