How Does Tinder Decide Who To Show You

how does tinder decide who to show you

Factor Description Source
Tinder Score A unique algorithm that evaluates your profile based on mutual matches, distance, and shared interests. Tinder Blog
Distance Tinder prioritizes users who are closest to your location, making it more likely for you to match with someone nearby. The Verge
Shared Interests Tinder takes into account the shared interests and hobbies listed in your profile, matching you with users who have similar passions. HuffPost
Activity Level Tinder favors users who are actively using the app, as this indicates a higher level of engagement and interest in potential matches. Pew Research Center
Profile Completeness Tinder rewards users with complete and detailed profiles, as this provides a better understanding of their interests, values, and personality. Tinder Blog
Recent Engagement Tinder gives preference to users who have recently engaged with the app, such as swiping or messaging someone. Tinder Blog
User Feedback Tinder uses user feedback to adjust its algorithm, prioritizing users who have had positive interactions and matches in the past. HuffPost
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