How Many Free Swipes Do You Get On Tinder

how many free swipes do you get on tinder

Free Swipes Per Day Source
100-200 swipes per day Tinder FAQ
Up to 50 matches per week Lifewire: Tinder Free Swipes
200-400 swipes per day with Super Like HuffPost: What is Super Like on Tinder?
Unlimited swipes with Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Tinder Plans
Up to 50 matches per week with Tinder Platinum Tinder Platinum

According to Tinder’s FAQ, you can get up to 100-200 free swipes per day. This is based on the app’s algorithm, which rewards users who engage with profiles by liking or commenting.

Lifewire reports that Tinder’s free version allows users to get up to 50 matches per week. However, this number can vary depending on your location and how actively you use the app.

When you Super Like a profile, you can increase your daily swipes to 200-400 per day, according to HuffPost. This feature is available for free and can help you connect with potential matches more effectively.

For those who want unlimited swipes and additional features, Tinder offers paid subscriptions like Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. With these plans, you’ll get access to unlimited swipes, as well as other perks like rewinds and a curated selection of top picks.

Lastly, Tinder Platinum offers up to 50 matches per week, making it a more premium experience for those who want to prioritize their matchmaking efforts.

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