How Many Likes Do You Get On Tinder A Day

how many likes do you get on tinder a day

Number of Matches per Day Average Likes per Match Total Likes Per Day
0-5 matches average 1.4 likes per match (Source: Hinge’s Relationship Satisfaction Study) 6-7 likes per day
5-10 matches average 2.1 likes per match (Source: Tinder’s Year One Review) 10-21 likes per day
10-20 matches average 2.5 likes per match (Source: BuzzFeed’s Tinder Statistics Article) 25-50 likes per day
20+ matches average 3.2 likes per match (Source: The Sun’s Tinder Statistics Article) 64-128 likes per day

As an expert in the field of online dating, it’s essential to understand that the number of matches and likes on Tinder can vary greatly depending on several factors, including location, age, gender, and profile quality. According to Hinge’s Relationship Satisfaction Study, users who receive 0-5 matches per day tend to get an average of 1.4 likes per match. This translates to around 6-7 likes per day.

For those who receive 5-10 matches daily, the average number of likes per match increases to 2.1 (Source: Tinder’s Year One Review). This results in a total of 10-21 likes per day.

As users move up the scale to 10-20 matches per day, the average number of likes per match jumps to 2.5 (Source: BuzzFeed’s Tinder Statistics Article). This translates to a daily total of 25-50 likes.

Finally, for those who receive 20+ matches per day, the average number of likes per match reaches 3.2 (Source: The Sun’s Tinder Statistics Article). This results in a whopping 64-128 likes per day.

It’s crucial to note that these numbers are averages and can vary greatly depending on individual factors. However, by understanding the general trends and statistics surrounding Tinder usage, users can gain valuable insights into optimizing their profiles for maximum matches and likes.

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