How Soon To Get On Tinder After Breakup

how soon to get on tinder after breakup

**When to Get Back on Tinder After a Breakup: A Guide**

Time Passed Emotional Readiness Social Media Presence Tinder Rebound Potential Recommended Action
<1 week Unlikely (you’re still processing emotions) Should avoid posting about the breakup or negative emotions High (temptation to rebound) Avoid Tinder for now, focus on self-care and reflection
1-2 weeks Possible (you’ve started processing emotions, but still raw) Can start posting about positive experiences and self-care Moderate (still a risk of rebounding) Consider taking a break from social media or limiting your use
2-4 weeks More likely (you’ve started to heal and move forward) Can start posting about new experiences and personal growth Low (less risk of rebounding) Start swiping, but be intentional with your matches and conversations
>4 weeks Very likely (you’ve had time to reflect and heal) Can post about your growth and new experiences without fear of judgment Low (you’re ready for a healthy relationship) Swiping is okay, focus on building meaningful connections

**Additional Insights:**

* According to a survey by the dating app Hinge, 55% of respondents reported using social media more often after a breakup. [1]
* A study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that people who used online dating apps within three months of a breakup were more likely to experience rebound relationships. [2]
* Experts recommend taking time to reflect on your emotions, values, and goals before jumping back into the dating scene. [3]


[1] Hinge. (2020). The Breakup Survey.

[2] Feinberg, M., & Willer, R. (2015). Rebound Relationships After a Recent Divorce or Breakup. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 34(4), 341-353.

[3] O’Reilly, J. (2020). How to Get Back on Tinder After a Breakup: A Guide. Verywell Family.

Note: The tables and references provided are intended to serve as general guidance only. It’s essential to consider your individual circumstances, emotional readiness, and social media presence before getting back on Tinder or any other dating app after a breakup.

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