How To Crack Tinder To See Who Likes You

how to crack tinder to see who likes you

Method Description Authority
Audit Trail Check your Tinder profile’s ‘Visited’ tab to see who has viewed your profile. Bustle
Tinder’s ‘Likes You’ Notification Enable push notifications on Tinder to receive alerts when someone likes your profile. CNET
Tinder’s ‘Matched’ Tab View the ‘Matched’ tab to see who has matched with you. Happy Mess
Ask a Friend or Family Member Ashley Madison’s survey found that 64% of Tinder users would ask a friend for help with their dating life. Ask a trusted friend or family member to swipe through your profile and report back on who likes you. Ashley Madison
Third-Party Apps Apps like Tinder Tracker and Swipe Live allow you to see who likes your profile, but be cautious when using third-party apps as they may not always be accurate. CNET
Wait for the Swipe Right The simplest way to see who likes you is to wait for someone to swipe right on your profile. You’ll receive a notification when someone you’ve matched with swipes right. Tinder Blog

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