How To Pause Tinder

how to pause tinder

Reason for Pausing Steps to Pause Tinder
To focus on other dating apps
  • Suspend your Tinder account from the app settings
  • Delete the Tinder app from your phone or device
  • Consider deactivating your Facebook account, as Tinder uses this to authenticate profiles
To take a break from dating
  • Tinder allows users to temporarily suspend their accounts for up to 3 months
  • Users can also delete the app and re-download it when they’re ready to start swiping again
  • Consider taking a break from social media or limiting your online presence during this time
To prioritize self-care
  • Schedule time for yourself, whether that’s reading a book, taking a walk, or practicing yoga
  • Use this time to focus on your mental and physical health
  • Consider setting boundaries with friends and family to maintain your personal space
To avoid the pressure of constant matches and messages
  • Delete the app or suspend your account during peak hours when you’re most likely to receive notifications
  • Use website blockers like Freedom or SelfControl to limit your access to Tinder during certain times
  • Consider implementing a “no phone zone” in your home or designated areas where you can relax without distractions


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Note: This table provides general guidance and may not be applicable to all situations.

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