How To Restart Tinder Matches

how to restart tinder matches

Strategy Description References
Re-ignite the conversation Pick up where you left off with a funny or thought-provoking message that keeps the conversation light and engaging. Very Well Family
Ask a new question Encourage the other person to share more about themselves by asking a fresh, open-ended question that shows you’re interested. HuffPost
Find common ground Look for something you both have in common, whether it’s a hobby or a favorite TV show, to create a connection. Ladies Learning Code
Make it personal Share a personal experience or story that shows you’re authentic and vulnerable, which can help create a deeper connection. ELLE UK
Be consistent Make sure to check in with your match regularly and respond promptly to messages, which can help keep the conversation going. Cosmopolitan

Note: The references provided are authoritative sources that offer practical advice on restarting Tinder matches.

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