How To See Who Liked U On Tinder

how to see who liked u on tinder

Method Description Link
Tinder’s Mobile App Open the Tinder app, go to your profile, and swipe up on any match. If someone has liked you back, their name and photo will appear. Source: Tinder’s Official Blog
Email Notification Check your email for notifications from Tinder. If someone has liked you, you’ll receive an email alerting you to the match. Source: Tinder’s Support Center
Desktop Website Visit Tinder’s desktop website, log in to your account, and click on the “Matches” tab. If someone has liked you, their name and photo will be listed. Source: Tinder’s Official Desktop Website

Note: These methods assume you have a verified Tinder account and are logged in to your profile.

As experts recommend, it’s essential to keep your Tinder profile up-to-date and complete to increase the chances of getting matches.

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