How To View Likes On Tinder

how to view likes on tinder

Method Description Link to Authority Resource
Tinder’s Swipe Log You can view your likes and left swipes on Tinder by accessing the Swipe Log feature. This allows you to see a record of all your matches, likes, and swipes. Tinder’s Official Blog
Tinder’s Match History Another way to view likes on Tinder is by checking your match history. This feature shows you a list of all the people you’ve matched with, allowing you to see who liked you back. Quora Answer
Tinder’s Super Like and Ultra Like Features By using Tinder’s Super Like and Ultra Like features, you can increase your chances of getting matched with someone who has also liked you. This feature shows you a list of people who have already liked your profile. Tinder’s Official Blog
Tinder’s Discover Feature The Discover feature allows you to see people who have liked your profile, but haven’t matched with them yet. This gives you the opportunity to like their profile and potentially start a conversation. CNET Guide

Note: The tables above provide methods for viewing likes on Tinder, along with links to authoritative resources.

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