Interesting About Me For Tinder

interesting about me for tinder

Category Interesting Fact Source
Travel I’ve been to over 15 countries and have a goal to visit at least one new country each year. Statista: Countries visited by Americans in the last year
Food I’m a self-taught homebrewer and have brewed over 50 batches of beer. Homebrewers Association: About Homebrewing
Work I’m a certified project manager with experience in leading teams and managing projects. “>Duolingo: Learn Spanish
Education I hold a master’s degree in environmental science and have a strong interest in sustainability. NASA: Environmental Science
Sports I’m an avid rock climber and have completed several multi-pitch climbs. Adopt-a-Pet: About Animal Shelters
Fun Facts I can recite the entire script of my favorite movie, “The Princess Bride”, from memory.
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