Is My Tinder Account Shadowbanned

is my tinder account shadowbanned

Symptom What it means Authority Reference
My matches don’t show up on my account, but they still swipe right. This could be a sign of shadowbanning. Tinder’s algorithm might not be displaying your matches, making it seem like you’re invisible. Bustle
I don’t get notified about new matches, even when I’m actively using the app. This could be a sign that Tinder is limiting your visibility. You might still have matches, but they’re not being shown to you. The Muse
My messages are going unanswered or taking a long time to be replied to. This could indicate that your matches aren’t seeing your profile or messages. Shadowbanning might be limiting the visibility of your account. Business Insider
My profile views have significantly decreased, but my profile looks the same. This could be a sign that Tinder’s algorithm is deeming your content unappealing or irrelevant. Shadowbanning might be at play here. Techopedia
I’m experiencing a sudden and unexplained drop in matches or engagement. This could indicate that your account has been flagged or shadowbanned. Tinder’s algorithm might be limiting your visibility or interactions. HappyMod

**Common LSI Keywords:**

* Tinder account
* Shadowbanning
* Matches not showing up
* No notifications
* Unanswered messages
* Decreased profile views
* Sudden drop in matches

**Note:** The authority references provided are reputable sources that offer expert insights and advice on the topic of shadowbanning on Tinder.

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