Is Tinder For Hookups Or Dating Reddit

is tinder for hookups or dating reddit

Statistic Data Source
Tinder’s initial purpose Hook-up culture Wired
Number of Tinder users seeking relationships 50% Bustle
Percentage of Tinder users seeking casual relationships or friendships 40% Elle UK
Percentage of Tinder users seeking long-term relationships or marriage 10% CNN
Tinder’s revenue model Premium features and in-app purchases for users seeking more meaningful connections Statista
Percentage of Tinder users who report finding serious relationships on the app 25% Business Insider

Note: The statistics and percentages provided are based on various studies, surveys, and reports from reputable sources. While Tinder’s initial purpose may have been focused on hook-ups, the app has evolved to cater to a diverse range of users seeking different types of connections.

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