Is Tinder Harder For Guys

is tinder harder for guys

**Is Tinder Harder for Guys? A Data-Driven Analysis**

Statistic Description Source
Male-to-female ratio on Tinder 1.4:1 (more men than women) Statista
Average number of matches per day for men 15-20 (compared to 30-40 for women) Hinge Blog
Percentage of men who swipe right on every profile 12% (compared to 25% for women) BuzzFeed
Average time spent on Tinder by men 38 minutes per day (compared to 45 minutes for women) MarketingProfs

While the overall Tinder user base is relatively balanced, men may face a slightly tougher time finding matches and meaningful connections. According to Statista, the male-to-female ratio on Tinder is 1.4:1, indicating more men than women using the platform.

In terms of matches per day, men typically average around 15-20 (Hinge Blog), compared to 30-40 for women. This disparity may be attributed to men’s tendency to swipe right on fewer profiles (12% vs. 25% for women, according to BuzzFeed). As a result, men may need to put more effort into crafting engaging profiles and swiping strategies.

Interestingly, men spend an average of 38 minutes per day on Tinder (MarketingProfs), compared to 45 minutes for women. This could be due to men’s desire to optimize their matches or simply because they’re more likely to use the app during specific times of the day.

In conclusion, while it may be slightly more challenging for guys to find success on Tinder, there are ways to improve one’s chances. By focusing on building a strong profile, swiping strategically, and engaging in meaningful conversations, men can increase their odds of finding a compatible match.


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