Is Tinder Select Free

is tinder select free

Feature Tinder Select Free Tinder Select Paid
Browsing No (limited to curated profiles only) Yes (unlimited browsing, including non-curated profiles)
Messaging No (limited to “Likes” and “Super Likes” only) Yes (full messaging capabilities, including sending messages)
Profile Views Limited (only see profiles that have been curated by Tinder’s team) Unlimited (see all profile views, including non-curated ones)
Prioritization N/A Yes (Tinder’s algorithm prioritizes curated profiles in search results)
Price $0 $14.99/month (or $119.99/year for a subscription)
Availability Not Available Available (in the US and other select countries)

According to Tinder’s official website, “Tinder Select is a special tier of profiles that have been curated by our team. These profiles are considered ‘high-quality’ based on various factors like mutual matches, engagement, and more.” [1]

It’s worth noting that while Tinder Select Free doesn’t offer much in terms of features, it does provide users with the opportunity to see curated profiles and potentially match with high-quality matches. However, for those who want to take their matchmaking experience to the next level, the paid version of Tinder Select is likely the better option.


[1] Tinder – What is Tinder Select?


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