Is Tinder U Still A Thing

is tinder u still a thing

Year User Base Growth (%, estimated) Main Features Updates Key Takeaways
2012 (Launch Year) N/A Basic matching algorithm, swiping mechanism introduced Tinder pioneered mobile-first dating and gamified the process with likes, matches, and conversations.
2014 (Peak Year) +50% Addition of Instant Messaging, verified profiles Tinder’s popularity skyrocketed, becoming a cultural phenomenon with over 10 million users.
2016 (Algorithm Update) +25% New matching algorithm prioritizing interests and behaviors Tinder’s algorithm shift focused on compatibility, leading to increased engagement and more meaningful connections.
2018 (Premium Features) +15% Premium subscription “Tinder Plus” launched Tinder expanded its revenue streams through premium features, offering users additional perks and increased visibility.
2020 (Covid-19 Pandemic) +20% Increased usage due to social distancing The pandemic accelerated online dating trends, with Tinder witnessing a surge in users seeking connections during lockdowns.
2022 (Current) +10% Ongoing algorithm updates, feature expansions Tinder continues to innovate and refine its matching algorithm, incorporating user feedback and evolving trends in online dating.

According to a report by eMarketer, the number of Tinder users is projected to reach 53.3 million in the United States alone by 2024 (Source: [eMarketer](

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