La Página De Tinder

la página de tinder

Feature Description Authority Resource
Tinder Profile Completion Rate Average completion rate of Tinder profiles: 39.1% (study suggests) BuzzFeed News
Profile Picture Effectiveness Users with more profile pictures get more matches (study finds) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Bio Effectiveness Writing a bio that includes interests and hobbies increases matches (study shows) Computers in Human Behavior
Age Range Effectiveness Users between 25-34 years old have the highest match rate (study finds) HuffPost
Photo Order Effectiveness Placing most attractive photos at the beginning of a profile increases matches (study suggests) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Swiping Behavior Users swipe right on average 12 times per hour (study finds) CNN

Note: The tables above provide a concise overview of various aspects related to the effectiveness of Tinder profiles, based on studies and research.

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