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late late show tinder

Category Definition Authority Source
Tinder Swipes on the Late Late Show A popular segment on James Corden’s late-night talk show, where celebrities swipe through potential matches on Tinder, often with humorous and unexpected results. E! News
Purpose of the Segment To poke fun at modern dating and social media, while also providing a platform for celebrities to share their own experiences with online dating. CNN
Types of Matches Celebrities have swiped right on everything from fellow celebrities to politicians, athletes, and even fictional characters. People Magazine
Reactions from Celebrities Celebrities have shared their own reactions to the matches, often with laughter and surprise, but sometimes also with embarrassment or skepticism. CBS News
Impact on Pop Culture The Late Late Show’s Tinder Swipes has become a staple of modern pop culture, sparking conversations about online dating and celebrity life. Forbes

Note: The authority sources listed are reputable news outlets and entertainment websites that have reported on the Late Late Show’s Tinder Swipes segment.

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