Legal Age To Use Tinder

legal age to use tinder

Country or Region Legal Age to Use Tinder Source
Australia 18 years old Australian Communications and Media Authority
Canada Varies by province, typically 16-18 years old Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
European Union (general guidelines) 13 years old, with parental consent European Data Protection Supervisor
New Zealand 18 years old (for Tinder Plus and Premium) New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
United Kingdom 13 years old, with parental consent (for standard Tinder) UK Government Guidance for Parents and Carers
United States (varies by state) Varies, typically 13-17 years old with parental consent or 18 years old without Federal Trade Commission

Please note that legal ages may have changed since the last update of these resources, and it’s always best to verify with authoritative sources before using Tinder or any other online platform.

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