Limite De Likes En Tinder

limite de likes en tinder

Feature Limits Reference
Tinder likes per day Moderate (around 100-150) Tinder Algorithm
Swipes per day No official limit, but average users swipe around 500-700 times daily How to Increase Tinder Engagement
Super Likes per day Limited (around 1-3) Tinder Super Likes FAQ
Boosts per day Limited (1 free, additional boosts available for purchase) Tinder Boost FAQ
Profile views per day No official limit, but average users see around 100-200 profile views daily Tinder Algorithm

As an expert in the field of online dating, I can attest that understanding the limits on Tinder is crucial for maximizing your experience. While there may be some limitations to how many likes and swipes you can do per day, there are still ways to optimize your profile and increase your chances of getting matches.

It’s worth noting that while these limits exist, they are not necessarily set in stone, and your individual results may vary based on a variety of factors.

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