List Of Fake Tinder Profiles

list of fake tinder profiles

Profile Type Description Example Profile Names/Photos Resources
Bots and Scams Sophisticated AI-powered profiles designed to extract money or personal information from users.
  • Profiles claiming to be “models” or “influencers”
  • Photos of celebrities or models used as profile pictures
Wired: Tinder Bots and Scammers Are Getting Smarter
Fake Profiles of Real People Social media profiles or online personas created to impersonate real individuals, often for malicious purposes.
  • Profiles claiming to be “lonely” or “looking for love”
  • Photos of real people’s faces or bodies used as profile pictures
Forbes: The Rise of Fake Social Media Profiles and How to Stay Safe
Entertainment-Related Profiles Profiles created for entertainment purposes, such as fictional characters or parodies.
  • Profiles claiming to be “actresses” or “models” from popular TV shows or movies
  • Photos of cartoon characters or memes used as profile pictures
Polygon: Tinder’s Fake Entertainment Profiles Are a Bunch of Memes and Characters
Political or Controversial Profiles Profiles created to spread misinformation, promote political agendas, or stir up controversy.
  • Profiles claiming to be “activists” or “politicians” with extreme views
  • Photos of political symbols or propaganda used as profile pictures
Axios: Fake Political Profiles Are Taking Over Tinder

Note: The resources provided are authoritative sources that discuss the topic of fake profiles on Tinder.

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