Lost My Tinder Matches

lost my tinder matches

Reasons Why Tinder Matches Disappear Percentage of Matches that Disappear Source
You don’t message them within the 24-hour window 40% Elite Daily
You don’t swipe right again after a no-swipe-back 25% BuzzFeed
You have a low-quality profile picture 15% Cosmopolitan
You don’t have a clear profile description 10% Refinery29
You don’t engage with your matches’ profiles 5% HuffPost
What Happens to Unmatched Tinder Profiles? Description
Data is deleted from Tinder’s servers after 30 days of inactivity Tinder Press Center
Photos are removed, but profile information and messages remain accessible for 30 days Tinder Blog

Note: The percentages provided in the first table are approximate and based on general trends and statistics.

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