Manage My Tinder Account

manage my tinder account

Task Description Resources
Suspend Your Account Delete your Tinder profile and re-download the app to start fresh. Tinder Settings
Report a User Block or report a user who is harassing, threatening, or violating Tinder’s community guidelines. Tinder Support
Change Your Profile Picture Update your profile picture to a new one or remove it altogether. Tinder Profile Pictures
Mute or Unmute Someone Stop seeing someone’s posts in your feed by muting them, or unmute to start seeing their updates again. Tinder Muting Guide
Block Someone Prioritize your safety by blocking someone who is being abusive or harassing. Tinder Blocking Guide
Review Your Matches Evaluate your matches and delete any that don’t align with your preferences or values. Tinder Matches
Manage Your Notifications Customize your notification settings to receive only the updates that matter most to you. Tinder Notification Settings
Suggest a User Encourage friends or acquaintances to join Tinder and start swiping together. Tinder Suggest Friends
View Your Conversation History Review your past conversations with matches and delete any that are no longer relevant or important. Tinder Conversations

Remember to always prioritize your safety and well-being when using Tinder.

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