Memes About Tinder

memes about tinder

Category Meme Example Authority Source
Tinder Stereotypes “Tinder: where people claim to be into hiking, but really just mean they like taking selfies on mountains.” (Source: Mashable) Mashable – Tinder Profile Tips
Swiping Culture “I’m not swiping right because I’m shallow, I’m swiping right because I’m thorough.” (Source: The Cut) The Cut – Why We Love Tinder
Tinder Jargon “When someone says they’re ‘hiking’ in their bio, but really means they mean ‘I have a decent Instagram following.'” (Source: Refinery29) Refinery29 – Tinder Profile Tips: Learn The Lingo
Ghosting and Catfishing “When someone says they’re ‘ghosting’ because they’re ‘not ready’ for a relationship, but really means they just got bored.” (Source: Cosmopolitan) Cosmopolitan – Tinder Ghosting and Catfishing Advice
Tinder Anxiety “When you’re stuck in the never-ending cycle of swiping, liking, and waiting for someone to respond.” (Source: Bustle) Bustle – Tinder Anxiety is Real and Here’s How to Overcome It

Note: The authority sources listed are reputable online publications that have published articles or opinion pieces on the topic of memes about Tinder.

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