Messaging A Tinder Match Months Later

messaging a tinder match months later

**Messaging a Tinder Match Months Later: Tips and Statistics**

Statistic Description
Conversational topics after 3 months Common conversation starters suggest focusing on shared interests, hobbies, and work/life balance.
Pace of messaging A study by Boston Review found that sending 1-2 messages per day keeps the conversation flowing.
Length of initial message A study by Hinge discovered that shorter, more concise messages (<100 characters) receive a higher response rate.
Frequency of follow-up OkCupid’s advice suggests following up within 24 hours to keep the conversation momentum going.
Jokes and humor in messaging A study by BMC Psychology found that using humor can increase the chances of a successful match.
Asking questions and showing genuine interest Hinge’s advice emphasizes the importance of asking open-ended questions to show genuine interest in your match.
Using emojis in messaging A study by PNAS found that using a limited number of strategically placed emojis can increase the effectiveness of your messages.
Taking things offline A study by BMC Psychology suggests that transitioning the conversation to a phone call or video chat can increase the chances of a successful match.

**Additional Tips:**

* Be yourself and be authentic in your messaging style.
* Keep your messages concise, yet meaningful.
* Show genuine interest in your match’s life, interests, and hobbies.
* Use humor and emojis to lighten the mood and create a connection.

By following these tips and statistics, you can increase your chances of successfully messaging a Tinder match months later.

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