Old Tinder Matches

old tinder matches

Feature Description Authority Resource
Data Retention Tinder does not retain user data for “old matches” beyond a certain period, which varies depending on the jurisdiction and local laws. In the EU, this period is typically 12-24 months. Tinder’s Privacy Policy
Message Disappearance Messages sent in Tinder conversations are deleted after a certain period, usually when the conversation is inactive for an extended period. This ensures that users don’t accumulate unnecessary messages. HuffPost’s article on Tinder message deletion
Account Deactivation If a user deactivates their account, all conversations and matches are deleted. If an account is reactivated, the user can expect to lose any “old matches” from before the account was deactivated. Tinder’s Account Deactivation Policy
Match Expiration Tinder does not explicitly state a “match expiration” date, but matches can become inactive if there is no further interaction between users. This can result in matches being removed from the user’s match list over time. Business Insider’s article on Tinder match expiration
Data Security Tinder takes data security seriously and has implemented various measures to protect user data, including encryption and secure servers. However, no platform is completely immune to cybersecurity threats. Tinder’s Privacy Policy
Customer Support Tinder offers customer support through various channels, including in-app support and social media. Users can report issues or concerns related to “old matches” through these channels. Tinder’s Customer Support Page
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