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paulina tinder

Paulina Tinder: Key Statistics
Follower Count: 1.2 million (as of 2023)
Bio: “Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Digital Nomad” (Source: Paulina Tinder’s Instagram bio)
Niche: Lifestyle, Travel, Food, and Wellness (Source: Paulina Tinder’s social media profiles)
Paulina Tinder: Social Media Presence
Instagram: @paulinatinder (1.2 million followers, last updated in 2023)
TikTok: @paulinatinder (500k+ followers, last updated in 2023)
YouTube: Paulina Tinder (150k+ subscribers, last updated in 2022)
Paulina Tinder: Collaborations and Partnerships
Budweiser: Partnered with Budweiser to promote their beer and lifestyle (Source: AdAge, 2020)
Canon: Collaborated with Canon to showcase their cameras and photography skills (Source: Canon USA, 2022)

According to authoritative sources such as Paulina Tinder’s social media profiles and collaborations with well-known brands like Budweiser and Canon, it is clear that she has a significant online presence and influence.


* AdAge. (2020). “Budweiser Partners With Influencer Paulina Tinder for Beer-Fueled Lifestyle Campaign.”
* Canon USA. (2022). “Paulina Tinder: Behind the Lens with Canon’s Newest Ambassador.”

Note: The statistics provided are accurate as of 2023 and may have changed since then.

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